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Car History Checks - Car Data Checks, check for any adverse history of a used car before you buy!
Check if it's been stolen, has finance owed, damaged or written-off, scrapped, DVLA details, owners, plate change, Police interest.. etc.
You can get a instant history check on any UK DVLA registered vehicle from it's registration number here


Car History Check

£3.99 VAT inclusive

basic car check
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Ideal for short-listing multiple vehicles before going to view


Car History Check

£12.99 VAT inclusive

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With up to 77 data points checked it is the one to perform on the car you intend to buy

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Car Data

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Get Free Car info.

Free initial car check, MOT history and valuation, starting point

Comprehensive Car Check Bundle Discounts ...

3 check bundle £19.99 | 5 check bundle £24.99 | 20 check bundle £74.99

The bundles offer excellent value when considering over various vehicles or if you are a trade user.

A car history check or car data check is probably most commonly referred to as a HPI check, HPI being the registered trade mark of the oldest operating car history checking company, it has now been operating for over 80 years. Today other companies in the UK also offer car and vehicle history checks which do the same job i.e. reveal any adverse history data held on a vehicle. My Car Check, established in 2005, has now become the private buyers favourite. It fast transformed the car history checking market by offering comprehensive vehicle history checks, that are produced from all the relevant vehicle data collection sources, at very affordable prices to the public and trade alike.

Getting a history check is a must do before committing to buy any used car or vehicle and for the sake of a few pounds don't risk it...

Check it! don't Regret it!

Car History Check essential elements: Outstanding Finance, Stolen, Write-off, Damaged, False identity


Some of the key features on why getting a car history check is essential before buying any used vehicle

Oustanding Finance Around 1 in 4 cars on uk roads today has a finance aggreement in place, buy one and you buy the debt! So you will be risking not only loosing the car but your money as well! Most loans are secured on the car or vehicle and remain with that vehicle and in the lenders ownership until cleared!
Stolen A stolen car or vehicle remains in the ownership of the individual or company from whom it was taken! So you could find yourself being stopped by the Police, the awkward situation that follows, as well not only loosing the car but the money you paid!
Write-off/ Damaged Has the car or vehicle been involved in a serious accident and been badly damaged or completely written-off by an insurance company. Some damaged cars can be legally be repaired, inspected and returned to the road but there value is substantailly reduced. Other severely damaged ones should be scrapped completely and never returned to the road but some are! In other cases the idenity of a damaged vehicle is used in the illegal activity of 'rining' where the damaged vehicles(known as the donor) id is used on a similar stolen vehicle. Besides the safety aspect, as these vehicles can carry real risk and danger to drivers and passengers, if you do buy one losing it and your money is again a real possiblity.
False identity with 1 in 5 cars having had a plate change and with 100's of 1000's of stolen log books or V5C's in circulation today, ringing and cloning is a big problem. Checking the V5 belongs to the vehicle and is up to date and that VIN number stamped in the cars body matches the one on the attached plate as well as on the V5 is essential.
You can read more about cloning and ringing from the link on the menu bar.

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